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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 17, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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several people hit by a car in boston. in a live report, what we've just learned from investigators on scene. >> i'm tracking the next round of showers and thunderstorms moving in tonight and through the early morning hours. >> then, an 81-year-old woman awakened by bullets flying into her bedroom. >> it was very loud. that's why i thought it was fireworks. >> new at 10:00, why she tells fox 25 she isn't scared. >> and she lost a wedding ring her husband gave her 60 years ago. >> i wish i had enough money to reward her. a thank you doesn't seem like enough. >> reporter: how the decision the couple made decades ago
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first at 10:00, chaos and confusion in the streets of boston after several people are hit by a car near franklin park zoo. hello, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. it happened about a half an hour ago on blueville avenue. police say they shut down several roads to begin their investigation. fox 25's john monahan just got new information from detectives on scene, and he's live first at 10:00 with these late, breaking details. john. >> vanessa and park, blueville southbound remains closed tonight. that's the car that was involved in this accident. three people were hurt, which happened, this accident too many as they tried to cross the street about 8:30 tonight. all three victims were hit by the toyota which, according to one hit, may have tried turn around and change direction. the victims include a 10-year-old girl, her 40-year-old father and a 22-year-old friend, who police
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most serious injuries here. he received severe head and facial trauma, according to police. all three victims were taken to local hospitals. one woman, who was waiting at a nearby bus stop, tells us she saw the whole thing. >> when i looked up, i seen the coupled, the wheelchair going across the street and a car with the headlights coming up. looked like the car was about to slow down to let them go by, but when i looked, the cargoes faster. so they had no way to get out of so before i know it, they just all flew and were hit. >> the driver did stop, apparently a man we showed on camera dressed in all black. he was distraught as police tried to c down.ay there are no charges at this point. this entire accident remains under investigation. three people injured. we'll continue to work and bring you more details. we'll have the latest coming up at 10:00.
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we sent out an alert on our fox 25 news app. to stay in the know when we're not on the air, download the fox 25 news app, it is available for any device. there was a deadly crash in west roxbury, a car struck a tree killing at least one person. this has been developing in the last few hours on la grain street that has been closed while state police investigate what happened. a live look at the radar. there's still a lot of rain out there after a day fille >> strong winds knocked down this tree and home. fast moving rain and flooded streets. it was much needed because of our drought conditions but some areas got hit and others did not. >> kevin lemanowicz, you've been busy all day and all night. >> yeah, i've been tracking these storms and there are more out there tonight. nothing severe in our area, but certainly a thunderstorm that moved into western massachusetts or around the springfield area,
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it. here's live stormtracker radar. heavy rain in palmer, southward to monson, amherst, u-mass getting dumped on with rain right now, and all moving worcey in the sturbridge area just minutes away. no lightning with them anymore, just heavy rain. it is tropical out there right now. you know the humidity spiked this afternoon as that first batch of storms came through and pushed off to the north. look to west. another line of storms, a cold front part of the system still has to come on through. air, produce more showers and thunderstorms, city the possibility, even overnight, on severe weather. you saw the damaged pictures from earlier today. this is where the only damage report came into us, that's out in holden, a medium size street down on malden out there, happened just after 5:00 in the evening. we'll be tracking the showers and storm out there tonight. i'll have a live stormtracker weather update coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, thank you, kevin. well, with more showers possible in the next few days,
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you can get updates from our team of weather experts. it's free and available on any device. family and friends say goodbye to the woman killed while out for a run near her mother's house in princeton last week. the funeral for vanessa marcotte was held at the same church in leominster where she was baptized 27 years ago. the mayor is a close friend of the family and says they are finding comfort in focusing on the life vanessa lived rather than how she di. >> she was their life. >> vanessa was buried in nearby westminster. >> this case has rattled our area because nine days later vanessa's killer is still out there. tonight fox 25 investigates how dna and the state's sex offender registry may provide the break this case needs. here's our bob ward now at 10:00. >> vanessa marcotte was murdered in rural princeton as she enjoyed an afternoon jog. her body was found in the woodsr
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vanessa's body was burned. she may have been sexually assaulted. investigators are working around the clock in this case, working many angles. my sources tell me investigators are now taking a hard look at registered sex offenders living in the area. the massachusetts sex offender registry shows two level 2 sex offenders living in princeton. but when i i woulden my church to the cities and towns surrounding princeton, i found 414 registered sex >> are you surprised? >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: todd magee heads up the security firm protect the homeland innovations. >> it's frustrating to see these people right here in massachusetts -- specifically in our immediate area. we're not talking across the entire commonwealth, but just within that region. that's really disturbing. >> reporter: breaking numbers down, there are 93 level one sex
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likely to reoffend. 215 level tos. and the dangerous level three, 106 in that area. my sources tell me investigators are checking up on all of them and if they did not provide dna samples as required by state law, police in are taking fresh dna swabs and entering it into the database and it could break open the baffling case. >> based on the crime evidence, you cannot leave that out, you cannot a possible end game. >> the 417 sex offenders in ther but it does not include sex offenders who are waiting to are classified and who are essentially level zeros. just last night, fox 25 revealed the public cannot access who those level zeros are, but the police can. and from what i'm told that's exactly what police are doing. i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. here again is the number to
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hundreds of people have already called police are possible tips. all the calls are anonymous. more than 82,000 people have been told to evacuate as a wildfire continues to rip through southern california. the fire started in a mountain resort town near los angeles and in just a few hours more tha14 . the flames also forced the main highway between southern california and las vegas to be shut down. t among several that was kidnapped near peurta vai arrested a, he was one of six men abducted by the gunmen early monday. they appear to be belong from the state's main drug cartel and the victims are from a rifle gang. former patriots star aaron hernandez appeared in court for a hearing today where a judge set a date. prosecutors say hernandez shot a man after one of them spilled a
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south bend. he's plead not guilty. he's already serving a murder sentence for the murder of odin lloyd and appealing that conviction in that case. >> investigators track down john joseph hearten of dorchester living in north carolina and brought him back to massachusetts to face charges that he raped two young boys back in 1991 and 1992. prosecutors say the boys are now grown, but they're scarred by what they went through. specifics of the sexual abuse that they've experienced and they explained that there were times when they each witnessed the disputes of the overnight. >> hearten is being held on $1 million bail. middle session county woman is now the first person to contract west nile virus in the state this year. health officials tell us she is in her 70s and remains in the hospital while they try to figure out where she was exposed to the ineffected motions. state public health department says this is the peak season in
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prosecutors say a mother killed her own daughter. next at 10:00, the powerful testimony from the accused killer's mother and aunt that made for a very court. plus an 81-year-old wakes up to bullets flying into her home. new at 10:00, she's sharing her story with fox 25. then... >> great detective work doesn't always involve a crime. in this occasion, it's for the 60-year-old wedding ring and back on the land with it belongs. we continue to follow this breaking news in car near franklin park zoo, including a child and a man in a wheelchair. our reporter on scene is gathering new information and we'll have that for you throughout the hour. you're watching fox 25 news at
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stephen! stephen! stephen! see what i'm sayin acne won't last. but for now, let's be clear. clearasil works fast. this back to school, get clearer skin for free. limited time offer in stores now. an 81-year-old was sleeping when a bullet narrowly missed her. >> tonight she's sharing her
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bullets have hit several homes in the past few days. ted. >> that's right, since saturday, mark and vanessa, at least four homes have been hit by gunfire in lowell, and tonight we've tarned at least homes were occupied. a lot of close calls, and tonight we spoke with an elderly woman who had it the closest. >> reporter: she's seen a lot in her 81 years but this is a first. the lowell homeowner agreed to speak with us as lon didn't show her face or use her name. it was around 4:00 in the morning. she was sleeping in the bedroom of her home when a loud bang woke her and her dog. >> it was very loud. i thought it was fireworks. what she thought was fireworks turned out to be a bullet. it went through a window green, and to through a wall just feet
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>> i said, this is a bullet? and he says, yes, it was. >> reporter: laurel mccardo lives right across the street. >> i thank god she wasn't getting up to go to the bathroom, that she wasn't getting up for anything, anything could have happened at this moment. >> two days prior in the early hours of saturday morning, three homes were struck with bullets including this one on fort hill avenue. >> after i looked out the window i seen a small car go down the street here. >> lowell police have not said if the shootings are connected. back on hilledder street, there is genuine concern. >> i don't want it to happen again. now, i'm sure it won't if the crazy people stay home. >> and the homeowner you just heard from doesn't believe she
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her neighborhood, spoke with her neighbors but nobody saw where that bullet came from. reporting live in lowell tonight, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. tomorrow boston police will tell 100 officers they've been chosen to take part in the city's body camera pilot program. the city and union struck a deal earlier this summer but no officers signed up for the pilot program so fishes decided to randomly assign them. the mayor told us he wants to have the officers out on the streets with the cameras at the start >> our agreement said voluntary but didn't rule out the fact that if we didn't get officers, that we could take action, and that's what we're doing now. >> the police missioner said he expected to be challenged by the union, in a radio interview today. the boston herald says the agreement specifically states that the officer involved in the pilot program must volunteer. the man's young children were by themselves at joshua
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rescue crews found the 35-year-old's body in the water. but he couldn't be saved. police have not released the man's name. >> no arrest tonight in the shooting of a 15-year-old in south boston. police say the teen was sitting in his car before midnight when he was shot on gavin way. doctors performed emergency surgery overnight at boston medical center. s. >> he was shot three times and according to doctors, there's a good chance he m but being treated as serious. boston police say tensions are high in the neighborhood, they broke up several fights right after the shooting. a teenager was shot in the eye and the foot on chatham west drive last night. the 17-year-old is expected to be okay. police are still searching for the shooter. a nashua young mother is accused of beating her young daughter to death and now she's on trial for it and today her
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daughter briell gauge had bruises because they both fell down the stairs the night before she died in november 2014. detectives placed a warrant on the table. take photos, and walk out. moments later, marron sees the warrant, references manslaughter. >> prosecutors say marron changed her story aft arrested and now blames briell's death on her ex-boyfriend michael riviera but witness after witness they testified that she never mention daughter's name. >> other than blaming her kid for something... >> that she had fallen down the stairs twice. >> reporter: in emotional testimony, marron's mother says her daughter talked about abortion or adoption and recalld briell. >> don't acknowledge her, don't
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she saw her poke briell and say horrific things in her presence. >> she's stupid, she's ugly, she's retarded, sometimes even worse things. >> reporter: but the defense says it was riviera who had a temperaturer and say he was using drugs and cannot be trusted. riviera is expected to take the stand and the trial is expected to last another eight days. a man says a train conductor threatened to stab him and t police say a bus driver was soughted in allston. a man punched the driver after refusing to pay his fare and that man ran off. police are looking for two men who stole expensive drones from a local store. take a look at the surveillance photos of of the suspects. police think they were talking to each other on their phones as they each stole a drone from
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$2,000. a woman was sent to the hospital after her home went up in flames in amesbury. a dozen different fire departments have put out the flames. the fire started just before noon and took almost an hour to get it under control. the damage here estimated at $100,000. we're told the woman is expected to be okay. crews have finally cleaned up the mess on route 1 where a trash truck flipped over, spilling garbage all over the road. this is where route 1 connects to i-95 north in peabody. clean everything up and re-open all of the lanes. tonight attorney general mora healy is defending her decision to crack down on copycat assault rifles. >> it's called a political play by a zealous anti-gun politician looking to advance her political career. are they right? absolutely not. couldn't be further from truth. >> you're not trying to score political points here? >> i'm trying to do my job. >> a candidid one-on-one interview with the questions people want answers to.
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tonight attorney general mora healy is defending her controversial move to crack down on copycat assault rifles despite a lot of backlash. >> sharman sacchetti spoke with her in her first sit-down interview since making that announcement. >> we have seen too shootings. last year alone more mass shootings than calendar days. >> reporter: i sat down with mora healy, her first one-on-one interview since her controversial crackdown on what she calls copycat assault rifles, a move that is infuriating gun rights advocates. >> gun activists say it's a political play by a zealous anti-gun politician looking to advance her political career. >> couldn't be further from the truth. >> you're not trying to score political points here?
1:23 am
>> reporter: one gun rights group is threatening to sue and others playing politics. >> wait a minute, you're not enforcing the law about interpreting the law to fit your own political purposes, is what they're saying. >> they're wrong. they're absolutely wrong. >> reporter: healy says after orlando and despite massachusetts assault weapons ban, she found 10,000 copycat style weapons had been sold in the state last year alone. so she issued notice to gun dealers. >> this is a matter of enforce existing law. >> reporter: but how can this be you specifically? well are the good news is police been very supportive of our enforcement initiative. >> reporter: i asked the attorney general why she didn't just go through lawmakers, she said she didn't need their approval. >> this is an announcement that we made just a couple of days before the legislation went into recess. >> there's no need. this is the existing law. >> reporter: what about her political future? i asked her... >> are you running for re-election for attorney glen. >> i love what i'm doing and hoping to do it to the best of
1:24 am
>> are you ruling out a run for higher office? you're ruling it out? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> look to arrest any law abiding gun owners and when it comes to any lawsuit that could be filed she said she believes she is on firm legal ground. sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. looks like kirk shelby may be ready to run for senate. last week schilling said he'd like to run for president one hurdle on his run to the white house will be elizabeth warren, she has what it takes to challenge senator warren in 2019 and he'd like to be responsible getting her out of office. tonight hillary clinton tries to fight off a classified report from the fbi about her email. ahead at 10:00, how the major develops could change the rates for president if. tracking some heavy showers moving through central massachusetts right now and a
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there wasn't a dry eye in corporal ronald sparks finally came home 65 years after he died. >> as fox 25's crystal haynes shows us, it's been his family's mission to find out what happened and to bring their hero home. he's been gone for 65 years and the worst part of that is we never know where. his parents never knew was he even buried in the grave, what happened to him. >> reporter: but 65 years after
1:28 am
north korea, his remains have come home. >> i know that my brother was missing in action that my mom and dad wanted him home. >> and he's home. >> he's home. >> yep, finally. >> reporter: bob sparks had only met his uncle ronnie once but spent the last 11 years working with the military to track his remains down. they finally got a dna match to an unmarked soldier's grave in hawaii. >> i neurone. i knew his face. i knew what he looked like, and somehow i knew that my dad knew i would find him. >> i'm surprised. i wish he wasn't. i wish he was walking right there or standing right here
1:29 am
i'm so happy and it's bringing comfort to the family and now he's home. >> reporter: the family received accommodations from the city of cambridge today surrounded by friends and family, meantime, his wake and funeral will be held onriday of reporting in arlington, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> they never gave up. >> no. three people were hit by a car in dorchester. >> we have a crew on the ground that's working the scene and back live at the top of the hour. then all new at 11:00, dramatic
1:30 am
to. >> we're not done yet, another shower, in fact, thunderstorm moved into western massachusetts into connecticut and now central mass. but no more lightning with it. more to our west. some heavy rains into worcester along the western end of worcester county and back here on the reservoir near barry, for instance, push towards athol. some of the storms are moving pretty quickly about 50 miles per hour. this one is pushing off towards the northeast. besides this, there's this cluster here in eastern connecticut. this is also pushing off towards the northeast, about the same
1:31 am
this evening. of course we've lost the daytime heating so the thunderstorm will tend to fizzle as it comes into the area but not out the question that some of the thunderstorms along this front can still come on through. we're expecting heavy showers in some places overnight tonight. you can see them here with our high resolution computer model shows it on the southshore but really could be anywhere, randomly popping up and moving through. a few more as the cold front hits our air later on tonight. we lost the heating of the day and have the humidity throughout and can ring out some rain totals but it's not gonna be for everyone. some spots will be shut out from the much-needed rain. and look what happens will you the early morning tomorrow, we start to dry out and late in the morning we'll see more and more sunshine. the weather threats continue to be for heavy rain overnight tonight with any of these showers.
1:32 am
p, you can get some heavy rain with the tropical air mass out there. take out the threat of a tornado. i don't see the storm pulling together strong enough to produce a tornado, especially at night, here in new england as the front comes from the west. we have those twisting winds from the storms earlier today and don't see that tonight. dewpoints in the 70s. we return that that oppressive healing air. just not comfortable for sleeping, ha for sure. 83 degrees by 10:00 in the morning. a couple these storm the farther west can hold together. see a couple of thunderstorms possibly coming through the worcester area 71 degrees by 4:00 a.m. and back up to 80 by
1:33 am
through the afternoon, increasing amounts of sunshine and the dewpoint down as the dry air arrives, gets more comfortable as the day progresses. highs well into the 80s. warm day humid to as the day goes on. your seven-day forecast shows a return threat of showers and storms on thursday before we dry out to end the week and into the weekend. we'll check out that forecast and a live stormtracker radar just ahead. >> mass general got a special visit from marvel stars chris evans and anthony mackey agreeded dozens of kids posing for photos and even signing some autographs. captain america and falcon certainly brought smiles and laughs to their patients.
1:34 am
do. >> superheros very nice. they celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary just a few months ago. >> but two weeks -- they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and just two months ago the bride lost her wedding ring. how a detective went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure he tracked down the rightful owner. and fox 25 is exposing more schools with high levels of lead in their water. we'll show you the list.
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton going head to head in the race for the white house and tonight we're learning how classified information could impact both of their campaigns in the coming days. >> reporter: the cloud that continuously hangs over hillary clinton's campaign, her e-mails, but it doesn't look like the candidate will be out of the shade anytime the fbi released a new report to congress about clinton's messages from her private server during her time as secretary of state. that classified report contains statements by investigators about dinner with clinton and other witnesses and recommends that the department of justice not charge clinton. a report like this is incredibly rare, especially since clinton was not criminally charged. clinton did not let the report stop her from stumping on the
1:38 am
>> reporter: but thette mail issue continues to give her republican rifle noter. >> hillary clinton lacks the judgment. >> reporter: donald trump hoping to gain ground after lagging in the polls posting this pledge on taste facebook... this as the clinton campaign continues to run against trump using his own words against him. >> when mexico sends his people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're >> any tonight, here's look at that pledge that trump posted on his facebook page. it reads this is the pledge to the american people. as your president, i will be your greatest champion and ensure that every american is treated equally, protected equally and honored equally. we will reject bigotry, hatred and oppression in all of its core values asa new future one american people.
1:39 am
from the feds to protect voting systems from cyber attacks. the u.s. secretary of homeland security held a call with official on monday. although there's no official threat, recent hacks have raised concerns. we're told the cyber security breach at the polls is, quote, highly improbable. voting machines are usually not connected to the internet. president obama has transferred 15 prisoners out of guantanamo bay making it the single largest transfer since he took office. the inmates are all going to the united arab detainees have been transferred to over a dozen countries. there were 242 detainees at guantanamo when president obama took office and now they're down to 61. >> it is a story you have to see, a woman married the man of her dreams 60 years ago. two weeks ago she lost her wedding ring. next at 10:00, how a good
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1:43 am
a married couple of 60 years and a lost wedding ring. >> the couple was attending senior day at lynch park in beverly when the ring somehow slipped often bride's hand. new at 10:00, fox 25's erika rishi tells us how the decision this couple made decades ago help them get the rain back. erika. >> over the last two weeks, elaine karen's wedding band has been here at the beverly police department. but based on some clever detective its way back to the hand it called home for the past 60 years. >> shows everybody i'm connected to somebody i love. >> reporter: that wedding ring was placed on her finger the day this photo was taken, may 19th, 1956. it changed her name to elaine karen. her maiden initials and the wedding date engraved on the inside marked the union between
1:44 am
little did they know then that that inscription would be key 60 years later. >> she never realized her wedding ring came off her finger. >> i didn't notice it was missing until i got home. >> reporter: but someone at the park did. the good samaritan who found it turned it into a beverly police officer at senior day, that and he took his job to the next level to track down the owner. >> he went to the clerk's office and began going through the marriage licenses. and the only information he had were the initials and the dates. >> they found a marriage that day, 5-19-56, came up with a nape, came up with an address. happened to be in beverly. we passed the information on to detective bearer and he was still waiting at the counter. >> reporter: and today ms. karen got her ring back.
1:45 am
box office that, she could not stop praising the detective who went the extra mile. she says she wishes she had money to pay him, to reward him because she says just a thank you doesn't seem like enough but folks at the clerk's office and police department tell me tonight it's all in a day's work for erika rishi, fox 25 news. >> a testament to their great marriage, six decades, that's incredible. >> the school district is dealing with lead problems in its drinking water weeks before classes start. boston schools found dangerous levels of lead in six more buildings, this after the
1:46 am
the water has now been turned off and replaced with water bottled coolers. they affect these seven schools... the school superintendent says all of those buildings passed tests in apes and the height levels typically don't affect the w the school year. do you want to know if there's something fishy with your tuna? google will team up with a tech company to launch global fishing watch in the fall. it will use satellite technology to track and analyze fishing boat practices.
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fish make it on to your dinner plate. we getting a look at the big names who will headline this year's stand up to cancelled fundraiser. matthew mcconaughey and emma stone and celine dion are just some of the celebrities set to appear on the live special. so far they've $70 million for research. you can catch the fifth annual special right fox 25 september 9th. the pressures of paying for college. a new survey shows parents are putting off retirement so they can send their kids to school.
1:48 am
already willing to postpone their golden years to pay for their kid's education and about 68% are willing to get a second job to foot the beal. americans collectively owe $1.trillion in student loans. >> i'm moving to the studio before i give up retirement. there's a heavy downpour along 190. moving to the east of worcester, toward harvard and littleton. another heavy shower here in northeastern connecticut about, to get into northwestern rhode island, that's moving off towards the northeast. heading toward you in franklin massachusetts and wellesey holding together by 11:30. it's so sticky and tropical out another one popping up right here on the new york/pennsylvania border as the cold front moves through us tonight. that's the showers coming through rhode island. right now this is a front coming across later on tonight in the early-morning hours. as a matter of fact, jason is tracking these in the morning and most will start to fall apart. >> when 17-year-old hockey player emily smith lanked a spot on the north american stars representing the news a czech republic tournament, it was a dream. but when the team landed in prague... her dad says it quickly became a
1:49 am
not make the trip. it was just -- gut-wrenching. >> i was like, oh, my god, we're in prague to play hockey and i don't have the one thing that i need. >> reporter: the one thing she needed was all of her gear. >> my chest protector, my pants, jerseys for that team. >> reporter: the list was long. >> my brand-new helmet, my skate. >> reporter: back home in avington, mom christine was on the phone with swissair in prague are the team headed to bench with several games and practices, until... >> he said, go and buy new gear. >> reporter: christine says many hours and phone calls of wrangling related an improvement within the year. emily and her dad raced to a sporting goods store. >> emily was pulling stuff off the shelves and the guy was shaking his head like what's going on. >> reporter: the final tally, $2300. 12 hours later, the missing luggage arrived. christine claims since then the
1:50 am
she says she showed them her claim and asked to marry a recording of the phone conversation where approval was granted. >> i still haven't got nothing. >> we reached out to swissair online, on the phone and via email and still have not heard back from the airline. we will keep you posted on the smith family's story. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. foxboro police are cracking down on people who abuse handicapped parking spots at gillette stadium. officers w a disabled person is riding in cars with handicap placards. state officials made the request and anyone caught breaking the law could face hundreds of dollars in fine. police in marlborough need your help searching for theft suspects. investigators tell us the man and two women pictured here shoplifted from the target on donald lynch boulevard. if you know who they are or any information about the alleged shoplifting, call marlborough police. an update to a story we brought to you on fox 25 yesterday. a linkville man is arrested
1:51 am
middleboro high school. it happened at mucky's liquor earlier this month. investigators tell us the man was seen on surveillance stealing three bags of the can. the 66-year-old is facing several charges, including breaking and entering and larceny. work from home and get rich. new at 10:00, the company making that promise using warren buffett's approval without his permission. and a celebrity helping local students start off on the right foot when they get back
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it was the las vegas lan park that was imploded, it was the iconic resist elevatorrial hotel and casino with the series of spectacular explosions this morning. it was the first high-rise on the vegas strip and appeared in three hollywood mies.
1:55 am
door. why hugh hefner's man cave for $100 million, the 33-year-old won't necessarily be moving anytime soon. under the deal, playboy's 90-year-old founder may stay there for the rest of his life. the neighbor plans to connect the estate to his digs next door. that will be quite a sight. warren buffett is warning a web site using his image to promote a work from home offer. it's all a fraud. the web site shows an interview between buffett and cnn's but the billionaire says he hasn't spoken to coopner five years. buffett also says he doesn't know anything about the globalee promotes. school teachers will often spend their own money to make sure their students have the supplies they need. some even create go fund me pages. as fox 25's blair miller shows us, nearly 100 massachusetts teachers got quite a surprise when the funding requests were all covered by an unexpected
1:56 am
>> working at quince see school in china town, one teacher amed and ready to get into the classroom. he told us today via skype how it's largely due to an unexpected donation. >> it was a huge shock to find out that people want to support you and your students. it's just a wonderful, joyful way to start the school year. >> reporter: the donation came from staples and pop singer katy perry threw donorschoose.. the web site seeks informa for their customers and $30,000 was donated to cover every project posted on the web site, helping 255 teachers in boston and statewide, 96 schools seeing the benefit. schultz says the money will help him cover a classroom computer and the cost of basic supplies to help low income students who can't afford back-to-school shopping. >> our school is a high poverty school and our kids need all the support they can get. >> reporter: katy perry got
1:57 am
donation a few years ago, saying teachers desperately need our support. the information may ask for pencils and folders but the impact goes much more. >> it's a way to connect the public and public schools so that people can support public school children. >> reporter: blair miller, fox 25 news. >> the gift that keeps on giving. >> absolutely. i know some teachers and they always do that. it's nice to ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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>> today on "fablife"... >> i love, love, love this japanese martini. you know what would go perfect with this? the legendary william shatner. what about captain kirk's style? how did that uniform change over the years? >> as my stomach got larger. (laughter) >> plus, michelle williams. >> how to rock the leather look at any age. >> as you can tell... >> hello. >> don't have to spend a lot of money. >> no, you never do. >> and change the look of your home in a snap. (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife!" we have so much to get to today, and we are so excited because the one, the only, william shatner is here. (cheers and applause) how cool is that? and we will be making the perfect classic martini, we're bringing you options galore when jacket no matter your age, and since it's almt making an adorable, sweet treat


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